Head Porter

HEAD PORTER is a Japanese luggage company that was established by Japanese designer Hiroshi Fujiwara, under the Porter brand. This imprint was aimed at offering stylish accessories that were still functional and high quality like the Porter items. The brand also includes a line of silver accessories and jewelry. HEAD PORTER currently has three stores: the Harajuku Flagship Store (Tokyo), -atelier- Head Porter (Tokyo), Head Porter Loft (Kyoto), and HEAD PORTER. As the more fashionable and stylish arm of the Porter brand, HEAD PORTER has collaborated with some notable names in the fashion industry, creating highly coveted collections and pieces. Such collaborations include Marni, atmos, fragment design and more. It is owned by Porter’s parent company, YOSHIDA KABAN. HEAD PORTER has a history of producing quality products with unique original designs that are functional. Celebrated collections include the “TANKER NAVY” series (specially requested by YOSHIDA KABAN), as well as the “BLACK BEAUTY” series, which is constructed from refined matte black materials.